Determine the Best Wireless Access Control Solution for Your Property

Sarasota Gate & Access would like to help make you aware of some important buying considerations in wireless access control. With so many gadgets and control solutions to choose from these days, it can be overwhelming if you aren’t aware of the important priorities.

Let’s begin with a quick reference list for things you should consider when selecting your most optimal system.

  • Cost Considerations (including recurring ones)
  • The size of your property, the variety and number of access points, and whether that would expand at some point
  • Availability of reliable and effective IT support should problems arise
  • Battery life for all applicable control functions
  • System management preferences such as gate/door programming, utilization of smart phone apps, and/or web-based controlled entry
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Do You Need To Know Who Comes & Goes?

This is a subjective question and entirely at your discretion as a property owner, but the way you answer it has some influence on which programs you might purchase. If, for example, you decide that you don’t need to know which of your employees come and go, then you could opt for a more ordinary keyless entry system. It’s simple, cheap, convenient, and provides a minimal baseline of security against loitering or trespassing. The simpler options are best for clients who do not need to control several gates, doors, and other points of entry.

On the other hand, if your property needs extra security precautions, you will want to explore the use of wireless control systems that can do things like limit the hours of access, limit the areas accessible to specific/all employees, and manage fob credentials for each specific user. You can also program your control system to log the time and day someone gains entry. The more sophisticated equipment typically takes advantage of WiFi networks and centralized, cloud-based portals that gather all the information you might want about entry into your facility.

The technology for gate/door access has grown substantially in recent years to include everything from biometric scanners, key fobs, proximity-based detection, and all sorts of keypad systems. You have plenty of options from which to choose, and it would probably benefit a new buyer to spend some time with somebody knowledgeable. Sarasota Gate & Access is your resource for such a task because we ensure that our service technicians are re-trained every year and are current on all the technological trends. When it comes to the security and safety of your premises, we insist on the utmost customer service and attention to detail. If you would like to discover more about the many services we offer (commercial, residential, design/installation, government/high-security systems, etc.), give us a call at (941) 349-4455.

Photo Courtesy of Cellgate.

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