Creating a Safe Community: 10 Ways to Enhance HOA Gate Security

Perhaps the greatest advantage of living in a HOA community is the protection it affords its residents. Of course, sturdy security doesn’t fall out of the sky. HOA managers have to know the smartest and most cost-effective ways to implement such measures.

Fortunately, there are many methods for improving security. Here are 10 ways to do so for your HOA community.


10 Steps to Securing Your HOA Communities

  1. Invest in a Top-Notch Automated Gate System – This is the best starting point as many American HOA communities can attest. Properly installed gate systems, like the ones we offer, will reduce/eliminate unwanted intrusions without overly inhibiting the flow of traffic in or out of the community. You can customize several gate designs, which open and close several ways, and with/without a passcode or key fob system.
  2. Augment it With Access Control Technology – Entry control is an enormous issue for residential communities, businesses, industrial sites, and beyond. Those passwords and security options allow you to determine who should or shouldn’t be entering the property. Nowadays, these are much more user-friendly and mobile integrative.
  3. Cameras & License Plate Readers – This is popular with communities that have parking garages but any HOA can use this in combination with their automated gate system. Plate readers can also identify whoever is responsible if someone crashes into the gate carelessly.
  4. Intercoms – Sometimes these are known as “call boxes,” which allow guests to communicate with someone in the HOA community. It’s a significant investment, but well worth it for high-end neighborhoods and apartment complexes.
  5. Hire Security Personnel – How large is your community? Many of the larger ones might benefit from including security personnel with their gate system for resident assistance and/or troubleshooting malfunctions quicker.
  6. Focus on Quality Outdoor Lighting – This goes for HOAs, residential homeowners, businesses, and any other property owner. Outdoor lighting not only serves as a deterrent, but even the insurance companies will offer incentives for installing it.
  7. Have a Visitor Management System – Automated gate systems can also help you with this by keeping a database or record of who enters the HOA. As it is with anything else, documentation helps tremendously if ever there’s a security breach or other disturbance.
  8. Train HOA Community Members – Most of your security measures will be in vain if you don’t train residents how to use them. While this doesn’t have to be elaborate, you should train your residents on proper gate usage. You can also furnish written materials explaining how things work and what to do in case of an emergency (like a lock-out).
  9. Involve Local Law Enforcement – It never hurts to cooperate with local police regarding these things. Something as simple as having them stop by your entry points once in a while can go a long way to bolster security.
  10. Establish & Enforce Visitor Policies – For some places, this can be as simple as assigning separate visitor parking. Other communities will have stricter rules on visitation times and limitations. Always communicate changes and updates with your tenants as applicable.

Do you need help installing a new automated gate system or maintaining the one you already possess?
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