Viking Gate

If you need installation, service, or maintenance on the Viking Gate brand, then Sarasota Gate & Service Access is the professional, family-owned outfit ready to help. 

What is a Viking Gate? 
The Viking Gate is an automatic gate brand that includes a few different systems tailored for your specific security purposes. They include swing gates, side gates, solar-powered gates, and even underground-operated gates. Sarasota Gate & Access is familiar with all these models and fully equipped to service and install them for an affordable rate.

Call us now to have our expert technicians install an automatic Viking Gate for you. When we do this, we make sure it locks properly, the gate operator is fully functional, and always promise to follow up with any future troubleshooting you might encounter.

You can view the results of our handiwork in these beautiful gates we installed for our clients in Sarasota.

Service & Maintenance 
All gates require service and maintenance. The Viking Gate is one of the more premium options available, it’s very durable, but that doesn’t mean you can skip preventive maintenance. This includes our 24-hour emergency response, just in case something unexpected happens.

Don’t take our word for it. See what Leslie had to remark about our prompt service work:

“John is always such a pleasure to work with. He is more than willing to help whenever I have questions or concerns about our front gates. Service is quick, easy, and leaves me with one less thing to worry about!”

Leslie Green - Sarasota, FL

Sarasota Gate & Access provides the best security service work for perimeter and property defense in Sarasota. Call us now for installation, service, or maintenance on Viking Gates by dialing (941) 349-4455. You can also get in touch with us online at any time.

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