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Access control is a critical security measure for homes and businesses alike. Whether you run an apartment complex or a major industrial facility, it’s important to regulate who comes and goes. We’ve also found that single-family homes find plenty of value with this service.

Why do so many clients pursue access control measures?

Gain Control of Your Property

Access control hardware and software allow owners full dominion over every point of entry to their property. This can be a “key fob” system for industrial gates or just simpler password entry for any automated gate. Almost always, it’s a terrific improvement over old-fashioned, easy-to-lose, physical keys.

Gate Manufacturers That Offer Access Control

These are the top manufacturers for various gate brands, including access control systems: LiftMaster, Viking A, Linear, and DoorKing.

They offer technology with the greatest modern luxury when it comes to security. Specifically, you might enjoy the ability to handle your gate-entry settings directly from your smartphone (anytime, day or night). Oh, and all those excruciating “locked-out” experiences . . . are a thing of the past!

Benefits of Access Control Technology

  • Simplify the way you handle building access procedures.
  • Utilize recording equipment to track anyone who attempts entry.
  • You can configure when people can get into certain areas.
  • Most controlled access systems allow you to eliminate the need for physical keys.
  • This often eliminates or reduces the need for security personnel.
  • Lower the risk of home invasion, trespassing, loitering, or other unwanted disturbances.

Get Better Security with The Help of Sarasota Gate & Access

That only skims the surface regarding a plethora of advantages you’ll enjoy with automated access control. Plus, we can install things with as much (or as little) sophistication as you desire. It makes it a worthy upgrade option for owners with various budget allowances.

It’s time to make this happen with the expert support of Sarasota Gate & Access. We specialize in every manner of installation and maintenance for gate systems, access control equipment, gate openers, and all other relevant accessories. Contact us anytime to learn more about anything related to automated gates by calling 941-349-4455.


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