Don’t Ignore These Signs of Gate Damage

One of the best ways to protect your home, business, or commercial property is to have a gate installed on the premises. This is one of the best preventative measures in terms of security, but things can occur that can compromise its effectiveness. These are some tell-tale signs that you might need to get your gate serviced in the immediate or foreseeable future. 

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This is the most common issue that businesses and homeowners report experiencing with their gate, whether it’s automatic or manual. Screeching and squealing that occur when the gate is operated usually indicate rusty hinges or an issue with the motor. Luckily, this can usually be solved by lubricating the various joints and moving parts of the gate. If the problem persists, consult a repairman. 

Not Aligned Properly 

In order to function properly, automatic and manual gates need to be properly aligned. If you notice that this isn’t the case, it could indicate a broken hinge or an uneven track. Either way, having your gate serviced immediately is recommended. 


This is another issue that’s similar to misalignment. A sagging gate can mean the foundation is uneven, a broken hinge, or another similar issue. If this is the case, your gate should be serviced right away, as this can lead to a larger problem if left unchecked. 

Not Opening or Closing All the Way 

If you have an automatic gate and you find that it only opens or closes part of the way, this usually means that there’s an electrical problem with the gate opening and closing mechanism. Electrical work is always best left to a professional, and repairs should never be attempted by someone who’s inexperienced. 

Opening and Closing on its Own 

Another indication of electrical or mechanical failure is when you find your gate opening and closing on its own. This is a serious issue as it means that your safety and security are clearly compromised. Having your gate serviced as soon as possible is imperative.


If you notice any form of vandalism on your gate, it’s usually an indication of criminal activity in the area or that your property is being cased. While it’s important that you get your gate repaired if there’s any damage, you should also contact the authorities and make a report. 

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