The Advantages to Living in a Gated Community

For millions of Americans, the necessity to have peace of mind with the location we call home is a top priority. Sometimes, a deadbolt lock just isn’t enough to reassure us, and if that’s the case for you, consider living behind the walls of a gated community. While you might be under the impression that these are only meant for the famous or those with a disposable income, many people from all levels of status and income call gated communities home. 

Gated Community Sarasota

Peace of Mind 

One of the biggest advantages of living behind the walls of a gated community is the level of security that comes with it. Gated communities come with a variety of different levels of security, each one having its own advantages. 


Some communities have guards on staff that monitor the gates to ensure that no one gets in without express permission from the residents who call the area home. Usually, the guard will have direct access to the residents if someone attempts to enter. 

Electronic Keycode

These gates are protected by electronic access codes that are given to the residents of the community and no one else. If the community you live in doesn’t have a manned guard post, this is the next best option. Others might be protected via a fob or openers given to residents for use in their vehicles. These are usually limited to one per household, and the only other places that have access are couriers such as newspaper delivery drivers. 


Having your privacy intact and not being intruded upon by unwelcomed guests is one of the most notable advantages of living in a gated community. Salesmen and solicitors are kept at bay, and you’ve ensured a quiet relaxing life. Many gated communities have very strict rules when it comes to visitors as well. 

Advantages and Amenities 

Another reason many people enjoy living in gated communities is the fact that there are usually amenities such as gyms, pools, and recreation centers that provide relaxing and enjoyable activities free of charge. 

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