Telltale Signs You Need Gate Repair

How do you know you need to get repair work for your home or commercial gate system? These are the telltale signs that will show you when you should call us for help. Sarasota Gate & Access is available for routine repair work all the time, including 24/7 emergency services.

Signs You Need Gate Repair

Your gate is moving slower or won’t open at all.

Many homeowners opt for automatic gates. These are also popular for apartment complexes. They work wonderfully for a long time and then suddenly operate much slower. If the problem persists without intervention, the gate will cease to open or close altogether. It’s best to get maintenance for this problem before you get stuck inside or outside of your gate for multiple hours.

You suffered damages recently.

If you run your car into your gate, take solace because you’re not the first person to have done that. This is a more common service call than you would think because accidents are a part of life. Don’t feel too badly about it or hesitate to call us to address any damages, especially if the damage contributes to any of these other problems.

It’s sagging and misaligned.

Gates and garage doors have a common problem of sagging or grinding once they reach a certain age. This happens faster the more you open and close it. The problem will persist until you fix it.

You can’t get it to lock or remain closed.

This problem might have the same mechanical root cause as the last issue. All it takes is for gears, bearings, or springs to become loose, and your gate will have difficulty shutting or remaining closed.

You need replacement parts and cannot find them elsewhere.

Gate openers and important parts are sometimes hard to locate for certain brands. With all the access control systems and peripherals available, some specialty items require special ordering. Our team can help you get a hold of any parts of components for your gate.

If you notice any of these troublesome signs, don’t hesitate to contact us for gate repair.

Sarasota Gate & Access handles everything involving installation, maintenance, and repairs for any of the popular gate brands. Our team of trained and certified technicians is always prompt and knows how to troubleshoot almost any calamity. You don’t have to wait long for a permanent resolution. Call us at any time with questions or concerns at 941-349-4455.

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