Spot The Typical Signs Your Gate Needs Repairs

Can you tell when your automated system needs repairs or maintenance?

It obviously helps to know when you should address malfunctions so that you can protect your investment and ensure it exceeds warranty expectations. These are the telltale signs you have a problem and should call us for gate repair.

You can’t get it open or shut all the way.

The sensors for many gate systems will initiate a “stop” mechanism whenever something is obstructing its path. Sometimes, this may happen arbitrarily, however, if there’s an electrical problem.

It won’t move at all.

There are multiple culprits that might stop your gate from working altogether. You should begin by ruling out physical obstructions and debris in the way. It could also result from mechanical problems with the gate opener itself, though.

You hear odd noises.

This depends on the particular sound, but you may have to replace a battery if you hear beeping, whereas grinding noises may indicate an oil problem with the motor. 

Your gate has gotten misaligned or sags.

When your gate sags, that may generate noise too, but this one’s just as easy to see right in front of you. You’ll want to check for sinking posts and worn hinges. Misaligned gates won’t latch properly, either.

Like a phantom gate, it opens and closes on its own.

This could have the same root cause as the first problem. Dirt and debris can trick the sensor and lead the gate to operate randomly. It can also happen because of motherboard failure or other circuitry issues.

The sensors aren’t working.

If the sensors cease to function altogether, you could have a serious safety matter on your hands. The opening and closing may occur when you least expect it, which is a crushing hazard.

You notice other physical signs of wear and tear.

Don’t forget that gate systems have many other components that may require replacement after a while. This would include any password keypads, cameras, wires, batteries, and so forth. Common sense, of course, should also tell you to get help if you see anything sparking or smell burning wires.

Have you encountered problems like these already?

Then please call us for prompt repair service from Sarasota Gate & Access. We can restore gate functionality whether you own a gate for your residence, commercial business, government building, or any other purpose. Contact us anytime to speak to us at 941-349-4455.

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