Properly Maintain Your Automatic Gate with These Tips

If you’re looking for increased privacy and security for your home the automatic gate is a beneficial option. It gives you peace of mind and adds a whole new look to your home. This beautiful addition can even increase the value of your property. Here’s how you can protect your new investment by following these simple maintenance tips. 

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Lubricate the Parts

Lubricating the parts of your gate is key when it comes to keeping them functional. Greasing the wheels and hinges will keep your gate opening and closing properly. If you have a swing gate you’ll want to keep its internal chain lubricated as well. On a slide gate, you can find the chain on the outside to lubricate. If your automatic gate is considered high-end lubrication won’t be necessary. High-end gates usually come with all of their moving parts sealed eliminating lubrication maintenance. 

Electrical Care

You may think your gate only needs outer maintenance, but it’s just as important to care for its electrical components. The circuit board that controls your gate may be exposed to insects that can unfortunately cause damage. Wings and legs of flying insects can become stuck in the board so it’s always important to check it regularly. The gate manufacturers will always do their best to keep these boards protected. Since insects can’t always be prevented, checking your board every so often will help keep it in the best shape possible. 

Regular Cleanings 

Regular outside cleanings will also keep your gate in great condition. Regular cleanings of iron gates will help prevent rust and damage to the metal. Something as simple as rinsing your gate with a hose every few months will be beneficial. Waxing every so often can also help maintain your gate by preventing the finish from flaking off keeping your gate looking good as new. 

Annual Check-Ups 

A yearly check-up on your automatic gate is a great way to properly maintain it. Yearly maintenance will help keep your gate free from debris including insects and pests. The check-up will also include a look at your gate’s moving parts to make sure they’re lubricated and moving properly. These checks will prevent you from running into further damage down the line. 

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