Gate Safety Precautions You Should Know

With any moving equipment, it helps to know the safety specs. Your residential or commercial gate system is no exception. There are specific safety and security issues you should know before installing a new automated gate.

Check out these five security gate safety precautions and considerations.

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Opening & Closing Your Gate – Always Let it Travel The Entire Path

It can be very dangerous to force your gate to either open or close. You also never want to impede the gate’s movement by stopping it halfway. Even if this doesn’t present an obvious safety concern, it’ll wear out the sensors, gears, and other components faster. Once a gate system gets older, parts will deteriorate, and the gate itself may become more unpredictable.

Avoid Trying to “Beat the Gate”

This relates somewhat to the last point. While we all find ourselves in a hurry sometimes, it’s never a great idea to try to “slip by” the gate. That trick might work 99 times out of 100, but by that 100th time, you’ll crash/scrape your car. If you do so as a pedestrian, then it’s a risk of crushing. 

Train Your Children on Gate Safety

Children are prone to play with gates and garage door openers unless you police them on this. We’ve heard of serious injuries from repeatedly pressing buttons, horse playing around gates, and even misusing the keypad. Take some time to train children on gate safety (such as not trying to squeeze through them), or practice extra supervision whenever they’re around gate mechanisms.

Learn the Manufacturer’s Safety Specs

Smart gate owners will learn about the various safety features on a gate system. It would help if you understood the gate’s exit loop parameters, electrical equipment, and safety sensors. Also, as it pertains to security, there are numerous ways to enhance your gate system with surveillance cameras and other accessories.

Never Ignore Repair Issues

We handle both installation and gate system maintenance for our clients. Repair is an essential service because a broken gate can present a host of safety and security concerns.

You can always rely on the prompt, friendly, and effective support of Sarasota Gate & Access for adjudicating any gate safety issues. Don’t forget that our emergency repair service operates 24/7. You can contact us for immediate assistance, or anything else gate-related, at our Sarasota location, by calling 941-349-4455.

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