Choosing the Perfect Security Gate

If you own a business or residential property, having the proper security measures in place is essential. Not only to safeguard the location from unwanted visitors but to provide peace of mind when you go to bed at night and increase property value. Among the most common of these measures is installing a security gate. Whether they’re automatic or manual, the material they’re constructed from makes all the difference when choosing which one benefits you and your needs. Today, we’ll examine the advantages that each of these materials provides you regarding security. 


Wrought Iron 

The most common material that security gates are constructed from is wrought iron. These gates are extremely durable and have an aesthetic that makes a profound statement that will keep would-be intruders away. Many wrought iron gates have a blue powder coating that helps protect the surface from the elements and can even prevent the appearance of rust and corrosion. The powder coating can last up to two decades without having to be reapplied, making them a worthwhile investment. And, much like any important investment, you can recoup a return with upkeep at regular intervals through upkeep. Wrought iron gates attract dust and dirt, so the occasional cleaning with soap and water can keep them looking in excellent shape. 


Suppose you’re not content with having to worry about ongoing maintenance but still want the type of security that wrought iron can provide. In that case, you might want to consider a security gate made from aluminum. Aside from the occasional hose-down to remove dust and grass clippings from the surface, aluminum gates require very little care and also won’t rust, even when subjected to the elements. Aluminum is lightweight but also strong enough to keep unwanted guests at a safe distance. Aluminum gates are more expensive than wrought iron, but the long-term investment is worth it. 


While wooden gates aren’t as common as they once were, they’re still the best choice if you’re looking to maximize your privacy. Wood is an ecologically-friendly choice, as it can be recycled and repurposed if necessary. The only disadvantage with wooden gates is that they’re vulnerable to damage from fire, high winds, and excessive moisture that might occur during a storm. However, they’re also easily repaired.

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