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Driveway gates contain numerous working components and parts that are susceptible to wear and tear. Therefore, tracks, hinges, latches, and electrical wiring can degenerate after a while and require repair. Sarasota Gate & Access provides a host of common driveway gate issues that we can fix.

Gate Repair Sarasota

Weather Damage: Harsh climates can debilitate and damage a driveway gate. High winds, lightning strikes, and uprooted trees or detached tree branches can cause problems that need professional repair.

Improper Usage: Misuse of a gate other than the intended function wreaks havoc on its operational integrity and can lead to the gate’s workings becoming impaired.

Devastations:  Disasters including floods, fires, and being struck by an automobile are emergencies that can undoubtedly create major issues with a driveway gate.

Electrical Problems: An automatic gate is constructed with electrical wires and circuit boards, particularly if it has attributes like cameras, intercom systems, motion sensors, or loop detectors. A hoard of rodents or insects, or the accumulation of debris can also cause a driveway gate to deteriorate and need adequate remedy.

Faulty Installation: Shoddy workmanship greatly risks the chance of a defect occurring in a driveway gate.

Early detection when something just isn’t right with your gate is extremely vital. Red flags include grinding sounds as the gate is opening or closing, the gate latches not engaging when closed or the latches working but not locking, swing gates misaligning in the closed position, a sagging gate, the automatic gate operator isn’t doing its job, there are long delays in operation, there is resistance when opening and closing, safety sensors do not detect objects and fail to stop the gate, or the gate swings open by itself. Cracks, broken welds, dents, major corrosion, or any other structural abnormalities also signal that the driveway gate necessitates expert service immediately.

It can be alluring to try to fix the driveway gate yourself to save the expenses of hiring someone else. A driveway gate is intricate and some elements are quite weighty, so besides perhaps making the problem worse, you can become injured by taking on the task yourself. An amateur contractor may perform less-than-desirable work so you could wind up paying a qualified professional another repair bill afterward. Plus, your warranty may be voided if repaired by someone without proper credentials. A certified gate repair technician will use premium parts, correct tools, get the job done effectively, and guarantee the work.

Sarasota Gate & Access handles residential and commercial properties and offers emergency assistance, day or night. We install access control systems and our pros are also skilled in maintenance and repair. Give us a call at 941-349-4455 to schedule a free consultation or fill out the form below.

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