How to Troubleshoot a Commercial Gate 

Here at Sarasota Gate & Access, your safety is our priority. This is why we provide the very best gatting apparatuses to help secure your home, office, or commercial property. But what happens when you’re having issues with your gate? There’s no worse feeling than that of knowing that our possessions are compromised, and our safety is in question. The first thing is to remember not to panic. These are some essential troubleshooting tips that can help you alleviate the problem at hand. 

Check for Debris 

Sarasota Commercial Gates

Most gating systems are placed outside, which means there’s a good chance that dirt, debris, and various forms of plant life have accumulated. Because we live in Florida, this is especially true during or after a storm. Check for these items and make sure there’s nothing obstructing your gate’s operation. 

Inspect the Hinges 

Again, having anything outside means that it’s susceptible to unpredictable weather patterns. Whether your gate is operated by machinery or a manual lock, take a few moments and pay close attention to the hinges and other moving parts that are found on your gate. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of clearing away some dirt and dust and applying some lubrication. 

Look for Vandalism 

While a gate can serve as a successful deterrent to vandalism and theft, that doesn’t stop some of the less reputable members of society from trying to gain access. Potential criminals might have attempted to break through the gate or have vandalized some of the working mechanisms in an effort to test the resilience of the gating system. If you feel your gate has been vandalized, it’s absolutely important that you contact your local law enforcement agency immediately. 

Possible Infestation 

Much like the outside of your home, your gate is vulnerable to infestations from insects, rodents, and other types of vermin. Take a close look at the gate as well as the surrounding areas. If one is present, please notify an extermination service. 

If, for any reason, none of these troubleshooting tips are effective in restoring your gate to working order, notify us, and we’ll be quick to visit and inspect your gate. Safety is our priority, just as it’s yours. For more information on us and the various services we provide, give us a call at 941-349-4455 or fill out the form below.

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