Do You Have a Gate Repair Emergency?

One of the most important aspects of any property is safety and security. Whether it’s a home, rental property, a commercial building, or a business, knowing that things are safe and secure when you go to bed at night is always of the utmost importance. As such, many property owners have a gating system installed as a security measure. That said, adverse situations can compromise your safety, and these are what we refer to as gate repair emergencies. If one of these issues rears its ugly head, notify the experts at Sarasota Gate & Access, and we’ll be quick to respond. 

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Broken Locking System 

Whether your gate is controlled by an electronic locking system or a key and deadbolt, a broken locking system can pose a considerable threat to your safety. These can be attributed to either mechanical error, or they might be a sign of recent criminal behavior., Either way, we’ll help repair it once you notify us. 

Weather Damage 

As a Florida-based business, we are well aware of the hazardous weather patterns that occur from time to time. High winds, hailstorms, and hurricanes are all part of living here. Any gate, much like anything else in the state, can be damaged by mother nature. But we’ll be glad to repair them. 

Faulty Electrical Systems

If you own a gate that’s accessed via an electrical system, then you’re already aware of how imperative it is that it remains operational. An electrical failure can constitute many different things. It can either be a faulty fob, a broken communication panel, or even a complete breakdown of the system itself. Give us a call; we’ll come to your location and get it working again in no time. 


A tell-tale sign of recent criminal activity in your area, vandalism occurs when we least expect it. It can range from graffiti, dents, and sometimes an attempt to break hinges or the metallic structure of the gate itself. Sometimes vandalism occurs as a random act, or it might be a sign of a criminal testing the structural integrity before a potential break-in. Either way, it’s important to have this damage dealt with before a larger problem makes itself known. 

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