Common Automatic Gate Problems and How to Solve Them

​​Do you own an automatic gate, or have you always wanted to but were concerned about the common problems associated with owning one? Well, feel concerned no more. In this post, we will dive into the common automatic gate problems and how you can solve them.

Automotic gates can be incredible additions to your home or business. They can add privacy, security, style, and function to your property.

Some people struggle with operation difficulties with their automatic gates. The gate may not feel fluid and it may jerk or get stuck when opening and closing. This is commonly caused by a worn track, hinge, or operating arm. In order to solve this problem, the first thing you need to do is identify which area of the gate is worn or damaged. The track, hinges, and operating arm are all easy-to-inspect parts. Look for signs of wear or damage, such as rust, to identify which piece needs maintenance, repairs, or replacements.

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The second common problem with automatic gates is pest invasion. Gates often feature design elements that may provide shelter for animals like birds, rodents, and insects. In some cases, this shelter can offer a home for dangerous creatures like wasps. If you are encountering a problem like this, you can contact an exterminator to safely remove the pests.

The third common problem with automatic gates is sensor issues. While problems like this may sound difficult and expensive to repair, they can actually be rather simple. Something may be blocking your automatic gate’s sensor, such as a bush, tree limb, or other form of debris. All you have to do is remove this obstruction to fix the problem and get your gate working like new. Don’t forget to check your tracks as well, as leaves, rocks, dirt, and debris can collect in these tracks and cause problems over time.

The final most common problem with automatic gates is dead batteries. Like any other technology that runs on batteries, the batteries of the technology eventually run out of juice. This is another easy problem to solve, as all you have to do is replace the batteries. If you replace the batteries of your automatic gate and still encounter issues, get in touch with a professional automatic gate repair person to tend to this issue.

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