Building Managers and Residents Should Know This about LiftMaster Smart Access

You have every right to expect excellent security and convenience when you spend significant money on a security system. That’s exactly what you get when you purchase a LiftMaster system for your residential community.

What You Should Know About LiftMaster Smart Access

LiftMaster is one of our favorite gate manufacturers for numerous reasons. They make reliable swing-gate operators, slide-gate operators, and other peripheral items.

Smart Access systems give you a chance to incorporate the latest technology into your comprehensive security framework. It’s entirely cloud-based and includes touchless access, remote verification, and video streaming for identifying entrants. It’s also part of LiftMaster’s excellent myQ technology brand.

Benefits of Installing a LiftMaster Smart Access

We believe you’ll find several benefits and advantages to installing a LiftMaster Smart Access.

Video Calling & Two-Way Communication at Key Entry Points

The myQ software allows two-way communication. This is handy if somebody gets locked out of a building for any reason. It makes it so much easier for regular tenants to allow visitors and guests into their apartment complex. It even makes pizza and grocery delivery MUCH simpler.

Less Hassle for Building Managers

Then there’s the other side of the coin. Building managers never enjoy the hassle of needing to rescue somebody who got locked out inadvertently. The video access features eliminate confusion and make most lock-outs a thing of the past.

Enhanced Accountability & Security

The LiftMaster Smart Access system also does a great job of record keeping. The Cloud allows it to keep 30 days worth of video recordings, which is important if you ever sustain a security breach or other problem. This is another big advantage for building managers trying to thwart intruders or unauthorized guests.

Peace of Mind

You really need stronger security when you live in a large facility with lots of tenants and neighbors. Whether you’re running an assisted living facility, college dormitory, or luxury apartment complex doesn’t matter. Your residents will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a sturdy gate system.

Don’t forget that this program is easy to access via the myQ app on your smartphone. Anybody can operate it, not just technologically-gifted folks. It’s a great product, and one of the many we provide 24-hour services for any time there’s a malfunction.

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