What Should You Do When Your Gate Opener Breaks?

Many of our service repair calls involve one of two things: maintenance to the gate hardware, or repairs to the gate opener. Since today’s modern, automatic gate systems possess several moving parts and electronic equipment, it’s important to know how to get fast resolutions from an installation expert.

How to Handle Gate Opener Problems

First, find out if the damage involves either the electrical or non-electrical components.

  • For Electrical Problems – They are common for automatic gate systems, particularly after a heavy storm produces a power surge or outage. Some gates have what is tantamount to a “check engine” light, which will show you the precise problem and how to resolve it. If not, you may have to investigate any suspected damage to the various electronic components: sensors, cameras, keypads, and so forth. Once you identify the issue, you’ll probably have to replace parts (which we can help you accomplish).
  • For Non-Electrical Problems – Then there are other mechanical problems you may face with your gate or gate opener. Whenever a gate doesn’t open or close, always check for obstructions like debris, animal nests, children’s toys, or whatever else could lodge itself in the way. The other common culprit would be the wheels on the gate opener (if applicable). They may come off their tracks or otherwise misalign themselves somehow. If that happens, don’t try to DIY the fix, but call a maintenance technician to address things properly.
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Other Common Symptoms of Gate Opener Trouble

Then other semi-regular troubles may befall your gate system. In Florida, we don’t normally have many cold-weather days, but when they arrive, the low temperatures can compress the electronic components or hardware, causing short-term difficulties.

Some owners have gotten around temperature problems by insulating electrical items with styrofoam. Again, if you aren’t sure how to do that, it’s better to leave the task to a professional. You should also get in touch with us if you need a battery replacement, or your gate system makes suspicious noises (buzzing, beeping, etc.).

Contact Sarasota Gate & Access for Fast Troubleshooting

Whenever you have dependable emergency repairs and preventative maintenance service, it becomes much easier to extend the life of your gate system and its accessories.

Sarasota Gate & Access offers first-class support for all gate opener difficulties, involving any gate from every popular manufacturer. If you’d like to learn more about this topic or schedule an appointment for gate service, then please contact us anytime at 941-349-4455.

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