Is Your Gate Opener Broken?

A broken gate opener can be inconvenient and even lead folks to panic if they think they can’t get into their property. It might sustain either an electrical or mechanical problem, causing it to malfunction, open slowly, or get stuck.

First, it’s always important to remember that if you have a serious gate system problem, you can call Sarasota Gate & Access anytime for emergency service. We’re available 24/7 for support.

Next, if it’s not an emergency, you’ll want to identify the problem and apply the appropriate solution. There may be things you can troubleshoot, whereas other issues require professional assistance. Continue reading to learn about the common sources of gate opener trouble (and how to resolve them).

Gate Service Technician

Electrical Issues

Sometimes the damage to your gate might just be a physical obstruction, something blocking the path of a swinging or sliding gate. Assuming that’s not the case, your gate opener might malfunction after a power outage.

In those situations, or any other time you suspect it’s lost power, try resetting your gate. If that doesn’t help, then contact us for support.

Temperature Problems

Last winter was unusually cold in certain parts of Florida. Unfortunately, low temperatures can mess with gate openers as well by hindering battery performance. A solid way to avoid this issue is to insulate the battery and other electrical components with styrofoam (being careful to leave the top of the battery uncovered).

The Gate Either Won’t Open or Doesn’t Stop Moving

Sometimes the problem isn’t the gate opener itself, but instead the sensors. If those deteriorate, your gate may become unpredictable, either refusing to move or opening/closing for no reason. Again, this could either involve removing obstructions or replacing the sensor.

Finally, if a gate doesn’t stop in the right spot, you may need to adjust the limit switch nut. That’s a mechanism that controls when and where the gate opens, closes, or extends.

Contact Sarasota Gate & Access for Help Troubleshooting Gate Openers

If anything of this seems unclear or confusing, or you aren’t sure how to fix things safely, then call us. We keep a solid team for maintenance and repair work because even the best gate systems experience can have difficulties. Our folks can also help with preventative maintenance measures and eliminate the chances of getting locked out of your property.

Your friends at Sarasota Gate & Access are more than happy to make sure you have a fully operational gate system every day of the year. That’s why we offer consistent maintenance and repair support, either in person or over the phone. If you need help with your gate, gate opener, surveillance equipment, or anything else, call us anytime at 941-349-4455.

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